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Hip Pain Stem Cell Therapy In Hilton Head Island

Promote Healing In Your Body

Imagine being able to repair hip pain without potentially risky surgery. You can with the groundbreaking Stem Cell Therapy that’s now available at Fraum Chiropractic Life Center, P.A.. The therapy has been used by numerous professional athletes to provide noninvasive treatment for injuries. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to experience the safe and effective benefits of stem cells.

With Stem Cell Therapy, you can experience non-invasive, natural pain relief and healing.

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Experienced HIp Pain Stem Cell Therapy in {PJ}

Hip Pain Relief Without Surgery

Conventional treatments such as surgery, steroid injections or anti-inflammatory medications to get hip pain relief may only provide temporary relief without getting to the root of the problem. By injecting stem cells in the area of pain, we are able to trigger your body’s natural healing that would not otherwise occur within your own body. With Stem Cell Injections, you can experience hip pain relief and healing naturally and non-invasively.

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Affordable Hip Pain Treatment

Unfortunately, the insurance industry hasn’t caught up with medical advances and are not yet covering Stem Cell Therapy. It is our hope that one day soon the treatments will be covered by majority of insurance companies.
Until that day comes, we offer flexible payment options to ensure you are able to access the care you need without delay.

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Natural Hip Pain Stem Cell Therapy in Hilton Head Island