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Cryofos therapy on female patientCryotherapy, which means “cold therapy,” originated in Japan in the late 70s. The technique involves the body being exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. This therapy is often used by chiropractors, athletic trainers and physical therapists.

A Safe and Natural Modality

As a way to stimulate the body’s neuroreflexive responses to address pain, cryostimulation is safe, natural and non-invasive. It is quickly becoming the therapy of choice, of practitioners and patients, to combat acute or chronic pain.

How Does It Work?

The CRYOFOS device we use at Fraum Center for Restorative Health combines the effects of cold and pressure, with a powerful cold therapy that uses hyperbaric CO2 gas. From its pressurized liquid form in the cylinder, the gas flows out when the valve is opened. The gas comes out of the nozzle of the treatment gun as a light spray. The temperature is -78