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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries often happen in the heat of the moment - a collision with another player, a dive for the ball or a miscalculated jump shot. Once the adrenaline of the game wears off, the stiffness and soreness creep in, limiting your range of movement and compromising your day-to-day life. When you find yourself wincing and stretching a little too often to relieve persistent pain from a sports injury, it's time to call in the leading Hilton Head Island chiropractic team at Fraum Chiropractic Life Center for a winning play: better spinal health and body flexibility.

Sizing up The Competition

In order to properly care for your sports pain injury, our Hilton Head chiropractic office team will discuss your concerns and use a combination of x-rays and a physical examination to determine where the issue is. Once the root of the problem has been discovered, one of our doctors will use or techniques such as spinal manipulation, heat or cold therapy, massage, and gentle electrical stimulation to help adjust both the spine and the supportive muscles around it back to the correct position. When a sports injury aggravates or causes a misalignment in the spine, your body has to devote a great deal of effort and resources to compensating for it. Our personalized recovery plan for your injury will support the body and remove some the stress and pressure associated with that compensation, if not remove it entirely.

A Win for Future Health

The entire body is supported by the spine, which means that even a seemingly small sports injury can have negative ripple effects over time. Ignoring a chronic pain injury or applying a temporary fix like pain medication only covers up the underlying issue, putting you at risk for additional complications as time goes on. Stop that lumbar "twinge" or stiff shoulder in their tracks with a visit to our Hilton Head chiropractic office, where we can show you exercises and stretches that alleviate current pain and prevent additional injuries from occurring. 

Get Your Edge Back

Even if your injury is only affecting you during a game, wouldn't it be nice to regain that competitive edge? It's difficult to concentrate on putting in that extra burst of speed or putting precision in a pass if you're worried about something "going out" at a crucial moment. Don't let a treatable condition sideline you and keep you from doing what you love - we're here to keep you on the field or court with regularly schedule chiropractic care, which will allow us to quickly pinpoint any alignment abnormalities and treat them before they become a problem. Our team can even offer you nutritional and supplement guidance to help you unlock your body's potential when it's "game on."

Ready to make your sports injuries a memory instead of a daily frustration? Fraum Chiropractic Life Center is here to make it happen! Call our Hilton Head chiropractors' office today and together, we'll come out swinging against your sports injury pain!