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Pediatric Chiropractic in Hilton Head Island

Pediatric chiropractor

As a parent, you want to have a chiropractic provider available. Through pediatric chiropractic in Hilton Head Island, you can give your child all-natural pain relief. Chiropractor treatment is also useful for correcting posture issues. A chiropractor for babies and infants is trained using a gentle approach to reduce any discomfort. At Fraum Chiropractic Life Center we provide pediatric chiropractic care using kid-friendly techniques. 

Benefits of Using a Pediatric Chiropractor

Going to a pediatric chiropractor is primarily associated with back pain or problems. However, there are many other reasons why you would bring your child to chiropractic for kids. Chiropractic adjustments rejuvenate your child’s spine and associated nerves with increased blood and oxygen flow. This helps your child’s body heal faster from painful conditions. 

Your child’s chiropractor can also improve the child’s posture. Improper posture is more than just a way of externalizing one’s emotions. Posture that is out of alignment can lead to other health conditions ranging from nerve pain to scoliosis. By starting your child with chiropractic care as early as possible, you help ensure good spine health. 

Common Conditions Helped With a Chiropractor

In addition to improving your child’s spinal health, chiropractic care is useful for various conditions. If your child suffers from chronic ear infections, allergies, or asthma, this may be caused by being out of alignment in the upper spine. When the upper spine is out of alignment this shifts the tissue and muscle in your shoulders, neck, and head. As such, the area of your sinuses can be blocked due to misaligned vertebrae.

Through chiropractic care, your child can reduce the number and severity of these sicknesses. Chiropractic care for kids can also help with conditions like ADD and colic to by working to realign the spine. When the body is out of balance this causes the rest of the body to be out of line. By getting a regular adjustment this ensures the child’s spine and musculoskeletal system remains in the proper position. 

Pain Relief for Children

Treating pain using chiropractic care is another primary reason your child should visit their Hilton Head Island chiropractor. Pain caused by fibromyalgia, as well as neck pain, back pain, heel pain, and joint pain can all be relieved using chiropractic care. Your child can reduce pain without having to take dangerous painkillers. We also treat pain associated with wrists, elbows, knees, hips, and muscle tenderness. Using chiropractic methods we can help your child overcome their injury naturally.

Treating Sports and Auto Injuries for Kids

Sports injuries and auto injuries are two of the most common personal injuries treated by your chiropractor for children. Treating the pain and improving healing are the top ways for using chiropractic care. However, once your child has healed successfully using chiropractic treatments, they can improve their wellness. By going to see the chiropractor on a regular basis and using corrective exercises continue the treatment. Your child can build up their strength and improve coordination of an injured area, making it even better than it was previously. Our goal is to help your child get the most out of their body through optimal health and wellness. Continued care also ensures your child develops without issues or serious growing pains. 

Your Chiropractor for Infants in Hilton Head

Fraum Chiropractic Life Center is your leading chiropractor for infants on Hilton Head Island, SC. We offer comprehensive pediatric chiropractic care for newborns, toddlers, and children. If you are searching for all-natural pain relief or drug-free remedies for common conditions, please call (843) 681-7777 to schedule an appointment. We will help you develop a treatment program for your child that is ideal for their activity and comfort level.