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What is Functional Medicine? 

Chiropractor with patient

Medicine is oftentimes classified as either traditional or modern. It's further broken down into subcategories like functional medicine, which is considered a specialty of medicine that delves deeper than just prescribing medicine to stop the symptoms. Functional medicine is a rather newer specialty that truly centers treatment around you, the patient.

A Guide to Functional Medicine

Functional medicine changes the outcome of treatment by focusing on the patient as a whole. Our chiropractors in Hilton Head,  Dr. Fraum and Dr. Morris utilize this approach and will take into consideration every aspect of your physical, spiritual, and mental health. Functional medicine doesn't just treat the symptoms of a condition that you might be experiencing. When being treated using this approach, our chiropractor will treat the underlying cause of the condition. During treatment through functional medicine, Dr. Fraum and Dr. Morris will be engaged throughout the course of treatment as this specialty of medicine relies on the fact that our patients’ health is influenced greatly by their lifestyle. Functional medicine incorporates how genetics and lifestyle and environmental factors impact a person's health and wellness, especially in regards to any chronic illnesses you may have. 

Patients work with a functional medicine specialist who understands the impact a patient had on his or her own health. The entire process focuses on how the practitioner and the patient are a partnership, not two separate individuals with one being the authority. This approach better addresses the needs of patients since it's not just covering up the problem. Additionally, functional medicine doesn't revolve around disease control as much as it is geared toward patients.

What to Expect from a Functional Medicine Visit

Our patients can expect to answer an extensive amount of questions, more so than he or she would in a traditional healthcare provider's office. To effectively utilize our functional medicine services, we must learn about you as a person and as a patient. We must know when your symptoms started, when you are experiencing the symptoms, as well as any health care providers seen prior to us. Since functional medicine is comprised of more than a patient's symptoms and condition, we will ask questions regarding various aspects of your life. Our treatment goes beyond traditional medicine and takes into account your overall well-being as well as your mental, social and spiritual health. Functional medicine consists of us taking into consideration your medical history as well as learning about you through a physical examination and thorough laboratory testing. In some cases, we may even conduct genetic testing.

After we get to know you, we formulate a diagnosis based on the information we gathered through the patient examination. While the goal is to restore you to the optimum level of health, sometimes it is only possible for you to see a substantial amount of improvement in his or her condition. As a functional medicine practitioner, we will take all the steps possible to help you improve your condition. 

What Treatments Are Used in Functional Medicine?

Our functional medicine doctor develops a plan that may require you to make changes to your lifestyle. Dr. Fraum and Dr. Morris will help you make changes in regards to diet, physical activity level and even how you deal with stress. Care from our functional medicine practitioner will also assist you in determining what, if any, toxic substances you might be exposed to and how to prevent it.

To schedule a functional medicine evaluation, contact Fraum Chiropractic Life Center of Hilton Head, South Carolina at (843) 681-7777.