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Functional Medicine in Hilton Head Island: Facts & Research

Chiropractor adjusting patient

Discussing your health and needs with a chiropractor in the Fraum Chiropractic Life Center may result in the decision to seek functional medicine in Hilton Head Island as a strategy for your well-being. A professional works with your situation and needs to develop an effective strategy for long-term wellness by focusing on your individual needs and physical body. 

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is the application of natural and holistic treatments to improve the physical function of your body. It focuses on encouraging healthy interaction between the systems of your body for natural healing processes and better communication throughout your body. 

Since the treatments are holistic and designed to address your specific needs, we develop a personalized plan of action and use a variety of treatment options. Each individual has different needs based on their physical well-being, the complaints they discuss with a chiropractor and the risk factors in their lives. For example, if your work environment exposes you to potential injuries, then you may need different treatments when compared to an individual who works at a desk job. We take your lifestyle and situation into account to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment for your needs.

Evidence for Treatments

Evidence for treatments using functional medicine focus primarily on clinical studies and case studies in conjunction with specific  lab tests. The challenge associated with the traditional testing for a medical treatment is the individual focus in the treatment process. Each individual receives different care based on their complaints, physical situation, and lifestyle. As a result, they do not have the same exact treatment as another individual and the traditional study in a lab environment cannot apply properly.

Despite the challenges of developing an effective large-scale study, individual cases and clinical treatments are available to provide insight into the program. Studies have shown that using nutritional therapy, exercise,  stress management strategies and other natural treatments  are showing positive changes to the health of individuals. In functional medicine, we use a combination of natural and holistic treatments, such as dietary management, as part of a treatment process. The combination of evaluating your lifestyle with the natural treatments we offer to address underlying complications allow you to improve your health.

Medical studies have also shown that developing a positive relationship with patients through communication and discussion helps improve the individual's outcomes in treatment. During treatments with functional medicine, a professional actively works to develop a positive relationship by learning about the needs of the individual, discussing their goals and identifying the underlying causes of the health condition. Due to the understanding of the situation, we develop an effective treatment strategy for each individual.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

The advantages of functional medicine ultimately depend on the needs of the individual. Since we focus on improving your body's natural interactions and systems, we use a variety of holistic and natural treatments. Key advantages of the treatments include:

  • Individual treatment plans based on your lifestyle
  • Improved health through exercise and nutrition
  • Supplementation when necessary for your health
  • Adjustments to your lifestyle when it impacts your health
  • Reduced discomfort, pain or health concerns
  • Improvements in your physical well-being
  • Fewer symptoms of health concerns
  • Appropriate diagnosis of problems with your health
  • Effective evaluation of your needs and appropriate treatment options

Taking a system-based approach to healing is a holistic strategy that recognizes the impact of different areas of your body on various systems. Feeling a bit dizzy does not always mean you have a cold or flu. In some cases, it may relate to problems in your ears or other ailments in your body. We focus on finding the causes to provide effective treatment.

Healing from an ailment starts with identifying the cause and focusing on your situation. To learn more about functional medicine, call Fraum Chiropractic Life Center at (843) 681-7777 today.